Tolvan nursery school was founded in 1989 in Nockeby and started business as a parent cooperative the following year. Tolvan is currently divided into three departments - Jollen (1-2 years), Ekan (3-4 years) and Skutan (4-6 years) - with a total of 40 children and nine teachers. Our high staff ratio allows for individual adaptation to each child where all children are seen and acknowledged. For us children group, composition and friendship is an important foundation for creating a harmonious environment.


We also have the privilege of having many different nationalities among the children in our nursery, including Danish, French, English and Icelandic. Many staff are bilingual or trilingual, and speaks among other languages, English and French with the children.


Learn more about our great reputation in the City of Stockholm's survey here.




For us childrens groups and friendships are an important foundation for creating a harmonious environment. Our ambition is for children to learn to appreciate and respect each other and adults.

We practice conflict resolution and put great emphasis on building friendship.


Our overall goal is always to develop confident, creative and independent children who can show respect, cooperation and the development of their ability to play and learn.



We all start our day outside on our beautiful playground and are out in the fresh air all year round in all weather. Since we have the beach, the woods, and sledding hill around the corner, it is easy to encourage discovery and creativity. Boats and birds belong to the living environment and something the kids are talking about and follow over the seasons. During the summer the children enjoy a dip in Lake Mälaren. In the forest, the children discover and protect nature, develop and hone their motor skills.


Our premises are bright and have large windows with lake views that blurs the line between inside and outside - in the studio, children can therefore create and explore different materials with nature as an inspiration.



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